Promoting Resources that Address Student Hunger

Among college students, between 50-60 percent face food insecurity, with real impacts:

  • Food insecure students graduate at half the rate of their peers, according to Johns Hopkins study.
  • Average GPA is lower for food insecure students.
  • Mental health concerns trouble students facing food insecurity.

Join us with our partners in our student SNAP outreach project to help college students get SNAP

Social Media Toolkit

Social Media Resources

During the COVID-19 pandemic, students need access to resources more than ever. We have outreach materials that you can use to promote SNAP to students, including digital postcards, social media images, and sample copy for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Digital Postcards

Interested in Applying for SNAP?

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Already Receiving SNAP?

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Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter


College Students Get SNAP

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Sample Social Media Posts

Interested in applying for #PA SNAP? With new #COVID19 measures, it’s easier than ever for eligible college students to sign up and receive money every month for groceries. To apply, go to Get College SNAPLV or fill out an application here:

For college students already receiving #PA SNAP benefits, new #COVID19 measures ensure no one loses the benefits they rely on in these uncertain times. Additionally, online grocery ordering is now available through Amazon and other participating retailers to ensure everyone stays home and healthy. Learn more: SNAP Online Purchasing Program Pilot

In response to the ongoing #COVID19 pandemic, #PA SNAP has issued several new measures: online SNAP applications, extra money, online grocery purchasing and delivery, and more. Let’s keep Pennsylvania communities healthy and equipped to handle such uncertain times. For more info: PA SNAP Covid-19 Resources

Students eligible for #PA SNAP can receive money every month to buy groceries throughout the #COVID19 pandemic. Apply today Get College SNAPLV or fill out an application here:

#PA SNAP is committed to ensuring that recipients can continue to rely on PA SNAP benefits during the #COVID19 pandemic. Extra benefits for eligible recipients and online grocery purchasing and delivery through #Aldi, #Amazon, #Fresh Grocer, #Giant, #ShopRite, and #Walmart are just some of the ways PA SNAP is staying true to that commitment.

#PA SNAP is responding to the #COVID19 pandemic with a commitment to continue supporting PA SNAP recipients through extra benefits, online purchasing, delivery features, and encouraging new PA SNAP applications by easing the application process. PA SNAP hopes to keep Pennsylvania communities healthy, home and equipped to handle these uncertain times.

If you couldn’t find free pizza at a club meeting tonight, PA SNAP is a state program that helps you buy groceries. To apply, go to Get College SNAPLV or fill out an application here: Find out more at LVFPC.

College-Students-Get-SNAP Flyers

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How to Be a SNAP Advocate for Students

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Students and SNAP | FAQ

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