About Veggie Sales+

Veggie Sales+ is a fundraiser that promotes healthy eating and supports local farms. Veggie Sales+ was started by the Bethlehem Health Bureau and the Lehigh Valley Food Policy Council in 2016, with a trial run in  2017 at Hanover Elementary School. In 2019, the Bethlehem Area School District Child Care Program added the fundraiser and a junior chef program to support their child care centers.  Fresh produce direct from a local farm is available monthly to support  the BASD Child Care Program. For every $20 bag purchased, $5 goes to BASD Child Care Program.

Buying and eating local products benefits our health and our community!  Veggie Sales+  brings together local farms and our neighborhoods.  We are supporting  the local economy and environmental sustainability with our local purchases . Veggie Sales+ is very excited to support buying local produce. We thank  you for supporting Veggie Sales+ and a local farmer! Click on the photos below to learn more!