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The Lehigh Valley Food Policy Council (LVFPC) was formed three years ago by founding community organizations and residents of the Lehigh Valley and is funded by United Way.

LVFPC Mission

The Lehigh Valley Food Policy Council seeks to promote an environmentally healthy food system by strengthening the local food economy, increasing access to fresh foods for everyone, reducing food insecurity, and supporting local farming in the Lehigh Valley.

To achieve our mission, we are working under two “umbrellas”:

Food Security

Thriving Local Food Economy

With four working groups – Food Access; Consumer Education; Food Recovery & Respect; and Community Farms & Gardens.

With Farm to School / Institution; Additionally Farming, Infrastructure & Logistics, Food/Ag Entrepreneurship, and Farmland Preservation operate through a collaboration of Penn St. Extension, Buy Fresh Buy Local of the Greater Lehigh Valley and ourĀ  farming community.